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Convert Interactive Jupyter Notebook into a Website

Bla bla… here’s what you have to do: Install nbinteract: pip install nbinteract (even if you have anaconda installed, use pip) Create a git repo for your project – this is important otherwise nbinteract will NOT run Make your repo public Under settings, enable pages (so that you can host your code on your …


Highlight Code Syntax in Keynote Powerpoint etc…

In a previous article I discussed the use of the highlight tool to highlight syntax in Keynote and powerpoint etc… That required the installation of  said tool. Yesterday, I discovered an even easier way to do this through a web interface: Now that’s really cool. Enjoy!


Timestep and Cost Analysis of Pressure- and Density-Based Methods

Jupyter Notebook here: PDF Article here: For an explicit compressible algorithm the maximum timestep one can take is dictated by both the advective and acoustic speeds in the flow. This is given by the famous CFL condition \begin{equation} V \frac{\delta t}{\Delta x} \leq 1 \end{equation} where $V$ is the maximum speed in the …


The Amazing Taylor-Green Vortex

If you’ve worked in computational fluid dynamics, then you’re probably aware of the Taylor-Green vortex – at least the two-dimensional case. A simple google search will land you on this wikipedia page. The classic solution there is presented in the form \begin{equation} u = \cos x \sin y F(t);\quad v = -\sin x \cos y …


Remove Indentation after LaTeX Subequations

LaTeX subequations produce a suprious space or indent immediately after. To get rid of this space, do one of two things Place your subequations label at the begining of the subequations environment, If you insist on placing the label at the end of the subequations environment, then place % sign after that.


Update: Zotero Box Sync – Not syncing or no zotero folder

In a recent article, I discussed how to sync your zotero library with your box account. However, as many have informed me, there seems to be a problem in setting up the “initial” folder. In fact, I just encountered this same exact problem today on a new computer that I am setting up. Today I …


How to Modify Video Speed with ffmpeg?

For Faster video speeds use: ffmpeg -i -filter:v “setpts=0.5*PTS” For Slower video speeds use: ffmpeg -i -filter:v “setpts=2*PTS” Note the factor multiplying PTS. If that factor is less than 1, then you get a faster video. The opposite otherwise. Thanks to: Modify Video Speed with ffmpeg

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Jupyter Notebook doesn’t Automatically Open a Browser on OS X

This issue appears to have showed up on Sierra. Here’s a simple fix: Edit your bash profile (emacs ~/.bash_profile) Add export BROWSER=open Close your shell or source it (source ~/.bash_profile) Things should get back to normal now. Ref: