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How to Highlight Code in Keynote

First install a utility called highlight. It is available through macports and homebrew. sudo port install highlight Now that highlight is installed, you can “apply” it to a file and pipe it to the clipboard: highlight -O rtf MyCode.cpp | pbcopy Now go to Kenote and simply paste from clipboard (or command + v). Highlight …


Add to Calendar for Google Inbox

For those who have adopted inbox for their workflow, here’s how to add an event to your calendar. Your must be using google calendar & Chrom Download the google calendar extension and add it to Chrome. You will need to authorize your calendar. Back to inbox, select the text corresponding to your event (e.g. Thursday February 2, …

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Convert Movie or Animation to Animated Gif

mkdir frames ffmpeg -i input -vf scale=320:-1:flags=lanczos,fps=10 frames/ffout%03d.png convert -loop 0 frames/ffout*.png -fuzz 20% -layers OptimizePlus output.gif Thanks to:


Unbounded Kinetic Energy in Forward-Euler Inviscid Flows

Observation When using a forward-Euler method for the time integration of the momentum equation for an inviscid-flow, it appears that the kinetic energy of the flow grows unbounded in time, regardless of the timestep size. Problem Statement Estimate the change in total kinetic energy when using forward-Euler to integrate the Euler momentum equations in a periodic box. Approach To …


Some Regex Notes

I happened to be dealing with a bunch of mallocs that look like this double* f =  (double*)malloc(sizeof(double)*nx*ny*nz); double* g = (double*)malloc(sizeof(double)*nx); double* h = (double*)malloc(sizeof(double)*nx*nz); I wanted to convert all of those those to use new, i.e. double* f = new double[nx*ny*nz] Using regex made all this possible search for: \(double\*\)malloc\(sizeof\(double\)\*(.*)\) replace with: new …


How to Sync Zotero with a Box Sync Enterprise Account

So the University of Utah provides us with 50 GB of storage with Box Sync. Box Sync supports webdav natively. On another note I use Zotero for my citation management. The great thing about Zotero is that it allows your to store your library on your own webdav. Combining the above I am able to …

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A Class of Exact Solutions for Population Balances with Arbitrary Internal Coordinates

Saad, T., Abboud, A. W., Smith, S. T., & Ring, T. A. (2015). A class of exact solutions for population balances with arbitrary internal coordinates. AIChE Journal, published online first.