CHEN 6353 – Advanced Fluid Mechanics

Instructor: Prof. Tony Saad
Phone Number: 801 585 0344
Office Hours:  Fridays from 2-3:30 PM or Announced in Class
Office Location: CME 115

Teaching Assistant: Mokbel Karam
Office Hours: Fridays from 1:00 – 3:00 PM.

Syllabus (Google Doc) – Please check regularly for updates.


Click here for All Lectures – hosted on my youtube channel under the Advanced Fluid Mechanics playlist

Course Catalog Description

Introduction to tensor analysis and derivation of governing partial differential equations. Solution of problems in Newtonian, laminar, incompressible flow. Introduction to potential flow, turbulence, non-Newtonian flow, and compressible flow.

Course Objectives:

After completing the course, students must be able to:

  1. Specify governing equations and boundary conditions for fluid flow problems.
  2. Simplify the Navier-Stokes equations as applied to a given flow situation as much as is possible without substantial loss of accuracy.
  3. Calculate velocity distributions for simple flows and find forces on solid objects using analytical methods.
  4. Use physical intuition in conjunction with the governing PDEs to obtain analytical solutions that predict the effects of experimental parameters 
on laminar flows occurring in practical engineering problems.
  5. Analyze and interpret the results, and reformulate the problem if necessary to find an appropriate solution.
  6. Describe and explain the introductory concepts of turbulent flows, non-Newtonian flows, viscoelastic flows, and computational fluid dynamics.

Textbook & Reading Material:

The following textbooks will be used in this course:

  • James O. Wilkes: Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineers, Prentice Hall (3rd Edition) [You can also find this book online at the Marriott Library on safari books online]
  • Bird, Stewart, Lightfoot: Transport Phenomena
  • James A. Fay: Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, MIT Press, ISBN: 0262061651. This book is out of print but you can probably find used copies on amazon. I will also provide you with scanned pages as needed.

Other useful references (will also provide you with PDF scans as needed):

  • Frank M. White, Fluid Mechanics (8th Edition) ISBN: 0073398276
  • Munson et al., Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
  • Frank M. White, Viscous Flow

Click here for All Lectures – hosted on my youtube channel under the Advanced Fluid Mechanics playlist

# Day Date Topic Reading HW
1 Mon 19-Aug Course Introduction
Wilkes 1, Fay 1, Munson 1, White 1
2 Wed 21-Aug Review of vector algebra and calculus 1
Wilkes 5.1-5.3, Wilkes Appendix C, Fay 1
3 Fri 23-Aug
Review of vector algebra and calculus 2
4 Mon 26-Aug Conservation laws, Eulerian/Lagrangian Views, Material derivative, Reynolds transport theorem Fay 3.1-3.2, Fay 5.2, White 3.1-3.2, Munson 4 HW1 out
5 Wed 28-Aug Conservation of Mass: Integral form + examples
Fay 3.3, White 3.3, Munson 5.1
6 Fri 30-Aug Conservation of Mass: Differential form + examples
Wilkes 5.5, Munson 6.2, White 4.2
Mon 2-Sep
Labor Day – no class
HW1 due, HW2 out
7 Wed 4-Sep Linear Momentum Balance: Forces
Fay 2.1-2.2, Fay 5.2
8 Fri 6-Sep Integral form of momentum balance
Fay 5, White 3.4, Munson 5.2
9 Mon 9-Sep
Differential form of momentum balance
HW2 due, HW3 out
10 Wed 11-Sep
Inviscid Flows 1
11 Fri 13-Sep Inviscid Flows 2 Wilkes 5.4-5.5  
12 Mon 16-Sep
The Viscous Stress tensor 1
HW3 due, HW4 out
13 Wed 18-Sep The Viscous Stress tensor 2 Wilkes 5.7  
14 Fri 20-Sep
Derivation of the Navier-Stokes equations
15 Mon 23-Sep Navier-Stokes equations example 1 Wilkes 6
HW4 due, HW5 out
16 Wed 25-Sep
Navier-Stokes equations example 2
17 Fri 27-Sep
Navier-Stokes equations example 3
18 Mon 30-Sep
Review for Midterm
  HW5 due
19 Wed 2-Oct Intro to Scaling and Non-Dimensionalization: Falling Ball Example Cengel 7.1  
Fri 4-Oct
Midterm exam
Mon 7-Oct
Fall Break, no class
Wed 9-Oct
Fall Break, no class
Fri 11-Oct
Fall Break, no class
20 Mon 14-Oct Exam 1 Solution and discussion Wilkes 14  
21 Wed 16-Oct Introduction to CFD and Comsol Wilkes 13.1-13.2, 14 Proj. Ideas Due
22 Fri 18-Oct Scaling of NS Equations Cengel 9  
23 Mon 21-Oct Dimensional Analysis Wilkes 4.10 HW7 out
24 Wed 23-Oct
Examples of dimensional analysis
25 Fri 25-Oct
Vorticity formulation of the N-S equations
26 Mon 28-Oct Stream functions Wilkes 7.1-7.8
HW7 due, HW8 out
27 Wed 30-Oct
Example: Creeping flow around a sphere
28 Fri 1-Nov
Stokes flow, Stokes flow around a sphere
29 Mon 4-Nov
Velocity potential and irrotational flows
HW8 due, HW9 out
30 Wed 6-Nov
Example of irrotational flows
31 Fri 8-Nov Boundary Layer theory Wilkes 8.1-8.7  
32 Mon 11-Nov Finish B.L theory, lubrication approximation Wilkes 8.8
HW8 due, HW9 out
33 Wed 13-Nov Introduction to turbulence Wilkes 9  
34 Fri 15-Nov Exam 2    
35 Mon 18-Nov
RANS model of turbulent momentum transport
HW9 due, HW10 out
36 Wed 20-Nov
Reynolds stresses
37 Fri 22-Nov
Mixing length theory, alternative transport models
38 Mon 25-Nov Generalization of Newton’s law of viscosity Wilkes 11  
39 Wed 27-Nov
Two- and four-parameter models of non-Newtonian (apparent) viscosity
Fri 29-Nov
No class – Day after thanksgiving
41 Mon 2-Dec
Linear viscoelastic models
42 Wed 4-Dec
Project presentations
43 Fri 6-Dec
Course Wrap-up
Mon 9-Dec
Final exam, in normal classroom

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